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Hab Acht  by Andreas Frei


60 pages 28x21cm

staple bound, cover with silver gelatine print


edition of 100 numbered and signed


sold out

The project ‘Hab Acht’ is about different perspective of fear. It blends three subjects: Images of the night, showing how people, when it gets dark, withdraw themselves from the outside, where nature is casting shadows in the artificially lit suburb.


Portraits of my family and friends, suffering from fear of the dark. A phobia I first encountered in my kids, I soon learned that it also occurs to quite a few adults from my wife\`s family and friends.


I wanted to pair this abstract primal fear of others with my own very concrete experience of fear I had in Paris during the attacks on the night of 13 November 2015. I was on Le Concorde Atlantique for the second edition of Polycopies. That night, the sound of the sirens, which could be heard virtually everywhere in the French capital, is what stuck with me, even months after I got back home. I visualized these sounds with the help of different music software as spectral analysis.