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Ich war hier

by Andreas Frei


60 pages 17x21cm, staple bound,map on tracing paper


incl. Audio CD with 3 music tracks by robintone and tired (Andreas Frei)


edition of 100 numbered and signed


38 Euros plus shipping



"Revisiting the place where I grew up and my family lived. Retracing the paths and shortcuts I used to walk as a child. Remembering my childhood in Großhadern, a typical suburban part of Munich.


Family, school, friends, football and first kiss. New music, partys, skateboarding and first cigarette. Exploring the local boundaries and new territorys through all seasons. Lots of free time and fun.


But also experiencing the predominant materialism in the eighties, intrigues and envy. Suicides, fatal accidents and murder. Friendships breaking up. Alcoholism, divorce, family falling apart.


I never really felt to be a part of all this - left this place in pieces and never looked behind.


Some thirty years later I come back to see what is left and how it feels."